MS SQL DB backup to S3

I’ve installed and configured the Veeam MS SQL agent on a MS SQL Server 2022 instance.  During the DB backup setup, I can’t select object based repository or my SOBR.


What is the best way to transition MS SQL backups to S3?


Replication jobs only allow VMs.  The Backup Copy and Copy Job only show local repositories.


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Are you referring to the Windows Agent for your SQL server?  If so is this being managed by the VBR server or are you managing it from the Agent?  If from the Agent you need to grant permissions to repositories for the Agent to be able to select them.


See here - Setting Up User Permissions on Backup Repositories - Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows Guide

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If by agent you mean the Veeam Plugin for MS SQL Server, object storage is only supported as a backup target as a capacity tier in a SOBR currently, full details here on supported backup repositories: