Most used or favourites reports from veeam one

  • 26 November 2020

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Hello everyone,

I’m curious to read, what is your favourites or most used veeamon reports? :nerd:

For us:


  • Full Vcenter errors
  • Full backup VMs by Datacenter
  • Latest Jobs status

**: All error jobs are directly connected with centreon (nagios like), it’s just for an overview

When trigger:

  • Ransonware Activity but less used now cauz we have auditbeat

On demand:

  • Capacity Planning for compute and storage
  • billing


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The most used report at our evironments are


  • Latest Jobs status


  • Usage of Repository space
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My favourites are

:ballot_box_with_check:Veeam Backup Billing :arrow_forward:  helps you assess storage management costs for backup and replication operations


:ballot_box_with_check: VMware Optimization :arrow_forward: This will help you achieve a better output and increase ROI for your virtual environment.

Reports included:

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I think my favorite report is the VM Configuration Assessment report. Just because it’s saved me so much time before even deploying Backup & Replication. Another favorite is the Capacity Planning for Backup Repositories report.

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Next to repository space reports, I like the Configuration Tracking report for VMware and the report for (un)protected VMs of course!