Monitor individual jobs in VSPC

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Hello everyone,

VSPC allows us to be alerted when a computer has not been backed up for a specific number of days.

However, when a device has multiple jobs configured, what if one of those jobs has not been running for some time but other jobs completed?


An example scenario is this:

Job 1: when a backup target is connected

Job 2: daily at midnight


What if job 1 never gets executed as the target is never connected but job 2 does?
Is there a way I could be alerted?


Thank you in advance.

Daniele Capuano


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Hio @danielecapuano 

I think the only way to monitoring a single job not running is use a script to add as alarm

This because in VCSP console you can see the Session States dashboard that report workload status and not jobs. In your case workload are correctly backed up from second job. 

Why first job not start? Probably there is a wrong condition… I think you’re using this trigger for your remote targets (Cloud connect) or for removable USB drives. Correct? 

Is possible first job not starts for connectivity lack (network or usb)? Not knowing the environment, I am clearly speculating…. 



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Hi @Andanet,

thank you for your answer and for the documentation link.

Mine was just an example scenario, so I don’t have a real-life situation to test this on, but yes, what I imagined was a job destined to an USB drive which only starts when the drive is connected.