Migration of many VMware VMs

Looking to migrate hundreds of VMware VMs from one vcenter to another.  Different vcenter versions that don’t allow online vmotion.

I’ve tried Veeam Quick Migration.  Works well but with one major hassle: you can’t select the port group mapping so after each VM is migrated you have to manually map each NIC of each VM, connect it, and power it on.

I’ve tried Veeam CDP permanent failover.  Works great but with one major hassle:  All the backups are still referencing the old VMs rather than the ones you failed over to.  So now the backup chain is broken and must re-add all the VMs to the jobs.

CDP is so close to being perfect but for that one flaw.  Anyway to avoid it?


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If you don’t want the hassle of the chains breaking then Quick Migration is the best solution as it seems to work better for your case.  For the CDP option - you cannot remap the backup job for the new VMs?  Just asking as I have not got in to that much depth with CDP myself.

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@jdc29083 - wasn’t aware of the network mapping shortfall of Quick Migration there. May be worth posting a feature request in the Forum. Maybe the feature is in the works and a PM can share (maybe) how soon.

Like Chris, I haven’t used CDP really, so wasn’t aware of the lack of mapping capability. Also worth sharing as a feature request in the Forum so a PM can chime in on it.