Linux single file restore fails, no error in log...

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Good morning,

I’m attempting to restore a single file to an Ubuntu workstation (Vmware VM (ESXi/vCenter)).  I’m able to browse the file system, the FLR appliance sets up properly, everything looks good, then it fails, there is NO error in the logs..  There is 1 single warning:

Skipping mapping [/media/sda3 ↔ /], because custom mapping on mounted path [/media/sda3] already exists on [/]

Not sure if that warning is what’s causing my issue, however it is the only NON -INFO entry in the entire log… 

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!



P.S. having a real hard time finding a community support forum, so if this is the wrong place to post this I apologize...


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Fantastic! It’s always DNS, right??  😂


right!?  When I re-ran the job with the file I was trying to do originally I finally found out how I missed that error message..  The filename is so long it was cut off, nothing else was displayed and I never went back and looked, that’s on me…


But yeah..  Always DNS!!  Hey, at least it was an easy fix!

Thanks again!

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Sure thing. Yeah. to view those warnings/errors in the status screen, you have to hover your cursor over the message. The full message will display for a few seconds.