Is there a way to Generate a report of Failover and Failback VMs in VeeamOne?

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    One of my customer currently has “Veeam Availability Suite” License and has “Veeam One” Deployed. They did a Failover and Failback of a Single VM Manually using the VBR console and would like to get a report from Veeam One with the following information:

  1. Start time of the Failover.
  2. Time it took for the failover.
  3. Amount of Data Replicated during the failover.
  4. Start time of the Failback.
  5. Time it took for the Failback.
  6. Amount of Data Replicated during the Failback.

I have checked Veeamone and unable to find a report that can provide this information. Is there anyway without using “Veeam Disaster Recovery Orchestrator” to get this information.





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This would really be helpful

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If it is not in a pre-defined report, you can probably get data with PowerShell or Rest.