Instant VM Recovery unable to stop and status failed

  • 28 December 2022

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Hi All,

Anyone can help me on this issue right now i have 15 Instant VM Recovery status failed and unable to Stop.

Here the screenshot for my issue. 



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What happens when you try to stop?

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Make sure no Instant Recovery session is running which is needed.

Then open the PowerShell commandline in the Veeam Console via the Menu at the top left --> Console --> PowerShell and issue the following command:

Get-VBRInstantRecovery | Stop-VBRInstantRecovery


This should stop all running Instant Recovery sessions.

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Hi @MicoolPaul & @JMeixner 


Thanks for respond.

I already try all the step given using Power Shell but issue not resolved.


Then i found this solution maybe can share to other but remember if the VBR server is running on VMware need to take a snapshot and do DB backup before perform this below step.



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don’t touch your Veeam DB, let Veeam support help you. That snapshot comment is about the database rather than VBR itself if a separate server

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Wow… you should not do such a direct database manipulation without to involve Veeam support.

But fine that you was able to sort out your problem.

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Yes, but this one not a best practice to other. If you not sure can direct log case to support. Thanks for your respond @MicoolPaul @JMeixner . Issue resolved.

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Hi @saiful,

I’m very glad that you were able to get the issue resolved and your eagerness to share the solution, but I’ve asked the forum moderators to remove the solution as you wrote it.

Many of the tables you mentioned don’t just track the Instant Recovery actions, but many operations across all of Veeam. Without some careful review of what gets deleted from these tables, you can potentially get the DB to a really bad state and even impact your non-Veeam Production environment as backup/restore operations won’t “clean up” after themselves properly. (Think like leftover snapshots)

I know it’s not always convenient to open a Support case for such seemingly cosmetic issues, but the good news is that this is a pretty easy to catch issue and it only happens in fairly specific situations where there are issues with communicating with the Configuration Database.



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Hi @ddomask 


Noted with thanks.