HTML Veeam console, do we really need it?

  • 27 November 2020

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New exciting features have been announced for upcoming version 11: CDP, Linux Proxy, etc…

Customers quite often ask when a HTML Veeam console will be availbale...

Once VBR has been upgraded, latest console is immediately available to be used and no need to install/update the console in every admin’s computer…

Do we really need a HTML console for our daily duties?

Maybe we don’t need it but it would be a nice feature to have...What do you think?



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Good Question @PValsecchi !! and I think :nerd: that Veeam will has in Enterprise Manager the feature for create backups Jobs in a distributed infrastructure…  


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I think enterprise manager is enough, like you wrote admin console will be available without admin rights.
RESTfull API is enough, if you want to automatize a lot.

Maybe try to install veeam console with wine on linux, it could be useful for linux sysadmin or mac users?

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Depending on what it would look like,  an HTML Console could be beneficial.

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I think for the most usecases the “normal” Console and the Enterprise Manager is enough.

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I personally think, current situation is sufficient. 

Spoiler: a wish from me will come true in v11. PowerShell Plugins will be replaced by modules.

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I think a HTML console would make sense as Veeam further migrate from a Windows first approach to a Windows & Linux based platform.


The main risk I see with Veeam via the web would be the overheads for Veeam, they either go full HTML5 for example and force others that prefer traditional applications via a deprecated state like how VMWare did it or end up supporting two code bases.


Then there’s also the rapid pace they’re committing to by supporting the web browsers that release on a far more agile lifecycle. Enterprise Manager is bad enough if a web browser broke compatibility but losing access to backup/restore would be catastrophic.

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Moving to HTML is not as easy as it seems, but it is the modern trend. If the trend is not followed then when the next trend emerges you will be behind and your application will look aged. Look and feel is extremely important you seek to  appeal to the next generation of administrators.

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I think if the console is developed as HTML5, it could be great but it is just not something I’m eagerly awaiting… a lot of other features/functionality much higher on my personal wish list :grinning:

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An HTML 5 client to manage the environment operationally would be ideal. This is possible with similar products in the market and an advantage. For me a big plus is that you are not dependent on a Windows Veeam client and therefore OS / device independent to perform management.

Ofcource the focus is automation, but in some situations opening up the client is easier.