how to show capacity or media in media pool?

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We have configured tape server and rescan, and inventory completed. but insert new tape in tape library and rescan and inventory done but doesn’t show of capacity or media in media pool?

while creating media pool, does not appear anyone media?


is there any requirement or any process? please guide. already go through following link but not work.


help us


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What type and model of tape library do you have?

Do you have check if are supported?:

Other forum message:

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Hi @Keshav Sawant -

See if info in these 2 other Community posts help:

I know they are slightly different than your question, but may answer why. Let us know if not.

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When you insert a tape in the library and rescan it is in an unknown pool. You need to move it to the Free pool so your media pool will use it or add it directly to your media pool.  Then you should see the capacity of the tape, etc.

Check here -


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We have taken full virtual machine backup on tape and same has been restored entire VM.

But I want to restore file level, specific file level backup from that particular tape. 

How to restore? can we restore direct to virtual machine?



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Google is your friend -

Check here.