How to Mark a Backup to not be deleted

Had a system go down it is backed up with Veeam however I need to ensure that the last backup is not deleted automatically. I inherited this system recently and have not had time to explore it. I am waiting on my support purchase to go through to get assistance but this is critical that I don’t loose this back up file. I found the option to export it and did that. But how to I tell Veeam not to delete it? This seems like it should be a simple Right click mark as don’t delete. Am I missing something. Any help appreciated. 


Best answer by coolsport00 19 June 2024, 20:34

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You cannot mark backups to not delete but you can export them if you need to then import them back.  See here - Exporting Backups - User Guide for VMware vSphere (

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Hi @Neal.Ostrander -

Backups are removed 1 of 2 reasons - it is part of a Backup Chain that is now beyond the Job's retention & thus would then be removed by Veeam, or a VM in the Job has been removed and thus Veeam would remove all restore points of the VM when the Deleted Items "days" configured has been met (typically 14 days after deletion bt default for Backup Jobs & 30 days for Copy Jobs if memory servers). So, as long as you're within the retention of the Job, you're fine. 

The best way to keep that very restore point is to do what you did...export it. 

Thanks to @coolsport00 and @cchilderhose both of you for the answers. Glad I exported the backups. Seems like being able to mark a backup as critical or don’t delete would be a built in feature. It would remove it from the retention policy until you marked is as able to be deleted again. 

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Probably not applicable here, buy you can also disable background retention, but that’s for everything, primarily orphaned backup chains that are not processed by a job any longer or jobs with manual execution and not on a schedule and just no apply to just a specific job or repo.


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Yep, was gonna share that Derek, but not really apply here specifically. Good share though. 

@Neal.Ostrander .. I think your feature request would be good to place over at the Forums for Product Mgrs to see & give feedback on.