How to exclude offline databases from backup

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Good morning everyone.
Our company has just installed Veeam version 12.

To save databases we use the MSSQLRecoveryManager.exe executable.

However, we don't understand how to exclude databases that are Offline. Thanks in advance.




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hi @dalmasoc 

check this KB


KB2110: How to Exclude Databases from Application-Aware Processing (

KB2104: How to exclude MS SQL Databases from SQL Log backup (


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Thanks a lot for the answer.
In the proposed solution you must manually insert the databases to be excluded from the backup, however the databases that are in the "Offline" situation can be so for a limited time perhaps waiting for a next restore. In this case you must remember to remove the DB from the exclusions. I thought a global exclusion for Offline DBs would be simpler.
Thanks again.

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Hi @dalmasoc -

I was just following up here on your post. Did the provided comment answer your question? Do you still have questions? If the provided comment helped you, we ask you mark it (or even your comment) as ‘Best Answer’ so others who have a similar question & come across your post may benefit.

Thank you!

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Hi @coolsport00 ,

 @Link State answered my question but I don't think the proposed solution is optimal.
I'm still convinced that an option that excludes offline databases from backup is best.
Thanks for your interest.


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Hi @dalmasoc -

Thank you for the follow up & information. I think since @Link State answered your question, you can mark his answer as ‘Best Answer’. But, as there is no ‘optimal’ resolution for your question, your best bet to have the feature you’re wanting implemented within Veeam would be to post a feature request in the Forums. Would that be agreeable?

Thank you.

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thanks, great idea.



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Great...thank you.