How apply 3-2-1 backup rule with Veeam for Azure

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The question is in the tittle :)

How do you perform the 3-2-1 golden Rules with Veeam for Microsoft Azure?

I read this blogspot (thanks @MicoolPaul ) but I have some questions !

Do you keep all your backup datas in Azure or use another repository for your copy?
To be able to make backup copy an VBR must be deploy right ? Where do place you VBR server OnPremise on Azure? 
If we want to transfer backup data located in the Azure block to another S3 compatible storage, will transaction fees be applied?

thanks in advance


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I would also look at making another copy to a VCC provider maybe rather than keeping everything in Azure even if different zones.  I know that data in certain countries can only reside in that country or specific ones due to privacy laws, etc.

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Hey! Thanks firstly for the blog post mention 🙂


My default approach is different Azure region, saved to a different Azure Tenant. I always recommend this to have a separate billing mechanism too. Now we’ve got immutability support too this becomes even more powerful!


To backup copy out of Azure yes you need integration with VBR. “Outside of your fault domain” is where I’d be deploying it. So wherever you intend to restore the Azure backups to. On-prem, another Azure tenant, or another cloud.


Yep you’ll be charged API calls to read the data, and egress bandwidth (unless it’s traversing an ExpressRoute that is unmetered IIRC).


One annoyance i found with VCC integration is that you don’t get a direct traffic flow to VCC. The data is pulled to your VBR server first and then onto the cloud gateway for VCC from there. So consider this too when thinking of where you want your data to go. It needs to come down before it goes off anywhere else.

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What I’m thinking on as a service provider is the following...

Because directly backup from VBA to VCC is not possible…

As a service provider we can setup a VBR (with no VCC license) and with this VBR we connect to different VBA’s of different tenants so we have a copy of the VBA backups of different tenants on the same location.

That location can be a immutable object storage repository setup in the VBR of the service provider.

Would that be a good solution?