Help getting Linux agent working

This Linux server was working before on Veeam v9.5.  I upgraded to v12 and it hasn’t worked since.  I will say my old v9.5 server died, so I started from scratch a new v12 server.  I uninstalled the old Linux agent from the command line and reinstalled using yum.  I can run ‘sudo veeam’ and the agent app runs fine.  I couldn’t get Veeam to install the agent on its own.

My Veeam Backup & Replication server is unable to connect to this Linux host.  It does a Rescan and fails:

“Failed to process 1 host processed

Job finished with error”

I have no firewalls enabled on the Linux server or the Windows Veeam server.  

I can’t figure this out.  Spent hours on it.  Created a ticket yesterday but haven’t heard back from Veeam yet.  I’d love to figure this one out to get the win. lol.

Agent OS: Linux Oracle Linux Server 8.9

Veeam B&R: Windows 2019 Server v12.1.1.56


Any troubleshooting tips?


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Did you check the system requirements for v12.1 -


Looks like I'm good.  Says it supports Oracle Linux Server 8.9.  

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Hi, the most obvious thing to me would be checking DNS as you’ve built a new server, is the host resolving okay? If you can supply the logs from the protection group rescan please that would be useful to understand what VBR is failing on

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Hi, are u test with Veeam Agent for Linux? Firstly i think u can setup in linux server. Sometimes, u cant manage from VBR server because some linux versions havent support.

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Hi @TheMunkEE -

What is the specific error you’re receiving? Looks like what you posted is just some general & incomplete message. See if the logs in C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup provide more details.

Yes...your version of Linux is supported, but using the Agent has a LOT of pkg install pre-requisites. Did you scroll down a bit beyond the OS support to see if you have the required packages? You also need kernel-headers or kernel-devel, etc, depending on your OS.

What Protection Group is the Linux (Agent) computer in? Since you installed the Agent on the device directly, it should be in Manually Added.

So, if you still haven’t heard from Support, what I recommend:

  • Check the logs in the directory above
  • Provide more detail of the error if you can (blur out any sensitive info)
  • Verify *all* Sys Req’s are met from the link Chris shared
  • Recommend checking network connectivity & DNS as Michael shared
  • Verify your Linux computer is in the proper PG

Start there and let’s see if we can assist better.

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Looks like I'm good.  Says it supports Oracle Linux Server 8.9.  

Yes but check the Kernel versions as well.  That can be an issue too.