Full Storage Not Found - How I resolved this error

  • 25 January 2023

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I wanted to create this in the hopes that in the future, someone who is experiencing this error will find this thread and see a solution. I randomly had a backup start throwing the below error:

Failed to pre-process the job Error: One or more errors occurred.  
Unable to apply retention policy: failed to delete backup files Error: Full storage not found

Through some Google searching, all I could really find was to run an Active Full and start a new backup chain. I tried this, but the error still persisted. At this point, I did the only other thing I knew to do, so I told Veeam to delete the restore points for that job from disk, and I then ran a new active full. I essentially started over with a fresh dataset. I was able to get a successful backup after this.

In conclusion: if you ever run into this issue, try running a new active full. If this does not resolve your issue, go to your restore points (the Disk section in VBR), and tell Veeam to delete from disk all of those restore points for the failing job. This should resolve your issue.


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Great to hear you solved this and sharing to the community.

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I ran into the same issue.. had the same result.  The chain gets corrupted and causes that error. If you haven’t done so, in the job / storage / advanced settings, make sure to enable Storage-level corruption guard.  It will scan the storage and fix minor things that could turn into major things.  It won’t fix one that’s already gone bad though.

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Also, to add, SureBackup is worth implementing as it should be able to pick up when the chain has corruption creeping in.

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Before deleting backup data that may still be potentially usable and ending up without anything, which would be a risk, I would recommend opening a ticket with Veeam support to identify the cause. To avoid ending up without a backup, I would duplicate the problematic job and start a new backup chain so that the "corrupted" data can still be used.

Also to avoid corrupt data you could use as mentionned the Storage-Level corruption guard or use integrity check in the Surebackup job.

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Hey all,

While the OP strategy will work, this happens typically because of some issues within the database; the most common reason is that during retention, something breaks the SQL or VBR (or both) servers mid operation and we end up with a situation in the DB that shouldn’t exist: incremental backups that don’t have a full backup at the start of their chain.

There are a few other situations with such linking problems, but it’s not worth listing them.


The good news is that usually this is a pretty fast fix with a Support Case. Open a case, export logs as per https://veeam.com/kb1832 and use the 1st radio option and select the affected job(s). You can ctrl and/or shift + click to select multiple jobs.

You will also want to add a copy of your Veeam Configuration Database if your org policies allow exporting of that data: https://www.veeam.com/kb1471


Mention that you read on the forums it _might_ be related to issue 377509; your Engineer should be able to find appropriate steps. This is a general fix that can allow retention to clear those invalid links in the DB, but it’s not a panacea for all instances when you might see this, so just be prepared that we may need more research in some cases, but typically this can be solved without losing backups.

But if you’re okay just starting a new Backup Set, then just follow the opening post, Remove from Configuration for the affected backup, and run the job (prepare for an Active Full!)