Feature Request - Subfolders Physical Infrastructure

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Hey Community,


we have Customers, which have quite a big Physical Infrastructure. It would be really Helpful, if the Protection Groups can not only be having Top Level Folders, but 1 or 2 Subfolders for Organization.


Something like:

  1. Steel Production
    1. Hot (Protection Group)
    2. Cold (Protection Group)
  2. North Wing
    1. 1st-Floor
      1. Management (Protection Group)
      2. Sales (Protection Group)
    2. 2nd-Floor
      1. Technic (Protection Group)
      2. Engineers (Protection Group)


If you are thinking different or have a better solution for my Problem, i would be happy to hear/read what you have to say.





Best answer by Chris.Childerhose 9 June 2023, 14:12

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Please note that suggestions for Veeam need to go in the forums for better visibility -

Product management monitors this more than the community.

Definitely like the suggestion though. 👍

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Chris beat me to it, but hit up the R and D forms as Veeam support hang out there and take feature requests.


The more people that add to your request and agree get it bumped up higher in the priorities 

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@Mathias-Schultz - I get what you’re getting at with regards to Protection Groups, but PGs are moreso ‘config containers’ for Agents. They’re not really meant to be a folder/hierarchical structure, as noted in their description here. But, maybe the PMs can provide an alternative solution, or even implement a more granular hierarchical structure for PGs. Just share it in the forum as Chris and Scott noted above. You never know...a future release could contain changes you suggested.

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I am parachuting in here a bit late and might not understand what is up but can you not add a protection group to multiple jobs then just exclude folders at the job level. I am working from memory here as I don’t have my production or lab in front of me so take with a grain of salt😀

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Hey together,

i will answer to all the Comments, sorry for the late respond...

@Chris.Childerhose Thanks for the Suggestion with the Forum. I will do that and will see what happens.

@Scott i hope lots of People understand what i want.

@coolsport00 I Understand the Basic Idea of the PGs but in larger Environments with 1300 Physical Clients in 31 different areas, to be safed, over 5 VBRs, you start loosing the overview because of having many PGs because only certain areas can be backed up on certain days, to not interrupt Production.

@Geoff Burke Folder Backup would definitely kill me with 1300 clients to be backed up 😉


Thanks to ya all and have a good one 😊