Failed to connect to Veeam backup and Replication Server

  • 31 October 2023

I get the error Failed to connect to Veeam backup and Replication Server: object ... has been disconnected or does not exist at the the server.

This is happening when trying to connect to the Veeam Console on the localhost.

I have to reboot the server to resolve this issue, the server then seems to run OK but then later when the daily replication jobs (2) are run, the server seems to stop responding sometime during the 2nd replication job.

Any suggestions on how to resolve this.




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Check services to ensure all Veeam services are up and running.

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Fore Console connection issue make sure that all Veeam Services are running. 

For replication job issue, please share the job summary. I guess you are using VBR all in one , which has a leak of resources

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Hi @Steve Dudley - when this error occurs, it is usually becaues the Veeam Backup Service hasn’t yet started. All other Veeam services are not relevant to be able to connect the console to Veeam. The Veeam Backup Service has an ‘Automatic (Delayed)’ start mode, so you can’t login right away after restarting your VBR server. Can you confirm if that was the issue, or something else?

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Hi @Steve Dudley -

I’m just following up on your Console error. Are you back up and running? If any of the provided comments helped you, could you mark one as ‘Best Answer’ so others with a similar error who come across your post may benefit?

Thank you.