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Hey guys,

I read in veeam helpcenter document that for external repository the backups are created by veeam backup appliance of cloud. Can't the backups in the repository be of another backup software that is not of veeam?


Best answer by Mildur 14 March 2022, 09:14

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Doesn’t make sense to connect an external Repository to veeam with foreign file types in it.

Veeam will not recognise this files. You will not be able to do anything with them. No Copy, No restore, nothing.



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Hi @Anandu, if you’re referring to object storage, I’d never recommend mixing the storage account with anything NON-Veeam. And for traditional repo you COULD use the same disk for other files, but I wouldn’t be recommending this either as your security posture wouldn’t be as secure as a dedicated repository.