ESXi VMs not recognized in Veeam after async DR failback

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Hello Everyone,

Someone asked this question in Nutanix Forum:

“We are running asynchronous Protection Domains and also employee Veeam backups of VMs. If we failover to the secondary site and then failback to the primary site, Veeam no longer recognizes the VMs in previously created backup jobs. We have to delete all the old backup jobs and set them up again. This is with ESXi hosts. Is that normal?”

Didi anyone face this issue before and how to fix it?


Best answer by MicoolPaul 25 May 2023, 08:27

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You shouldn’t have two different captains driving the ship, to use an expression.


If you’re using Nutanix (or any third party solution) to manage some DR elements, then depending on how that solution works, things could break. At a minimum it could be an unclean CBT that needs resetting and causing a full disk read, at worst, and what it sounds like is happening in your scenario, is the MoREF is changing within vSphere and therefore being recognised as a new VM.


I’d strongly recommend if you’re using Veeam for backups, use it for DR too. Where possible anyway.


Without knowing your setup though I can’t comment on what would/wouldn’t be supported!

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Thank you @MicoolPaul