Datastore Usage Trend

  • 15 September 2021

I am trying to find or build a report that will provide a line chart for each datastore trending over the last 4 - 6 months.

I looked at the report - Datastore Space Usage History - the data appears to be there under the individual datastore headings, but it appears that will be a significant amount of data manipulation to make it work.

Is it possible to get the data in a .csv format?

Does anyone else have a similar need and has addressed it?

Thanks in advance.



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Hello @BHBDAA ,
doesn't VMWare provide the data you are looking for?

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Do you talk about a VeeamONE report?


Yes - VMware has the raw data (disk.capacity.latest, disk.provisioned.latest, disk.used.latest) but I would need to write a PowerCLI script to pull the data using Get-Stat (I’ll assume) into a spreadsheet in an acceptable format to create the charts.


It can be a VeeamONE report, Powershell, whatever.

The perfect scenario would to pull the statistics for the last six months for all datastores. Once a have the data, I would like to sum the Total Space, Used Space and Free Space for all datastores for that time period, create a single chart with the above metrics and have a cell with the percentage of change.




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Ok, you seem to know how to get the data you want.

I would create a scipt to get the data daily and write it into a csv file. Don't know if VMWare holds the historical data of the last months. If it does, get all data in one run.

Then you can either import this into a spreadsheet programm and manipulate the data and create the charts or you create a powershell script to create the charts you want.

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agree with @JMeixner. My first option is most often PowerShell/PowerCLI. For VMware you can also think of vRealize Operations Manager - if you run an instance of it - for data source. With it you get a longer history of metrics by default.