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Hi Team

I have a customer where we have configured VBA for AWS backups across different tenants..

KMS encryption configured for at the repository level.

VBA integration with VBR using the VBA plugin to assist with centralized licensing and a single pane of glass for VBA management has also been configured.

Customer was hoping he could create a backup copy job of data residing on AWS to an Azure or GCP bucket.

Would this be possible ? If Yes How and if not possible would it be possible to configure a backup copy to a different region within AWS itself. 

Was unable to bringup any details of the same .

Someone from Veeam presales had stated that it would be possible with regular password encryption and not KMS but how would this be achieved. 






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Please note :

VBA is the latest v5.x 

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Hi Karun,
in VBR it is possible to create a backup copy job with source a VBA external repository and destination a scale out repository with offload to object storage (Microsoft Azure for example). VBA supports AWS KMS encryption of the backup repository ( You would probably need to encrypt at destination also. 


Please keep in mind that the backup copy job will be periodic and the scale out repository will also have its offload policy (copy or move). 

In VBA you could enable EC2 snapshot replication across regions (


Hope this helps