Clarification - there is no way to restore OneNotes to OneDrive anymore?

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“Restore of OneNote notebooks from backups of Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams data for organizations with modern app-only authentication is not supported.”

...and both other connection options require EWS, which is no longer supported. Therefore restoration is not possible? I know you can restore to a zip and do a copy later.

If that’s correct, is there a solution in the works?




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Hi @KWCork → I know that we have a directional objective to get everything on modern authentication mechanisms, but I do not have an update to share here at this time if something you are trying to do is not supported.  There is an update planned for the Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 product later this year, but the capabilities are not finalized for open public sharing at this time.

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"if something you are trying to do is not supported."


You make it sound like I'm using your product to do something it was never intended to do. I only want to restore files that are backed up and there is now no way to do that. It's truer to say that your product is not fit for purpose, and what annoys me most is that version 7 came out after EWS was discontinued.

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Disclosure, I’m not the VB365 expert :)

I am trying to say if you have come to the conclusion that the only option is export and workaround, then you may have the answer. Further I’m saying we have an update later in the year but can’t share the details yet :)

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Hi KWCork,


I spun this up in the lab earlier, and ultimately the issue is that there isn’t a complete 1:1 Feature parity of what’s possible with Graph API vs Basic Authentication which used PowerShell (which you’ve quite rightly said is via the EWS mechanisms and is therefore now broken by Microsoft’s retirement of Basic Authentication).

Frustratingly, Microsoft have acknowledged the lack of feature parity but proceeded with this anyway. Public Folders are a prime example of this. It’s not one off behaviour by Microsoft either, like the time that Microsoft stated they had 1:1 feature parity with Teams vs Skype for Business, yet had no federation with consumer Skype amongst other glaringly obvious inconsistencies.


I am aware that there are finally OneNote APIs available, I don’t know if they’re sufficient for Veeam to use in their current state as Microsoft advertise them more for functionality such as using OCR on images etc. As VeeamON is next week, maybe we’ll hear something there (I honestly don’t know as I’m not a Veeam employee).


On your comment of EWS being discontinued, it’s still being wound down on quite a few tenants, basically big enterprises that can haggle with Microsoft! Skype for Business Online was supposed to be shut down in/soon after July 2021 but they’ve still got infrastructure running…


I underestimated how much I’d added to my test OneDrive since my last backup so this is going to take a while but I believe you can still export the data out from the backup which you could manually pull back in, but it’s certainly not a “1-click restore” that Veeam is famous for.

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OK thanks for the reply. I'm using this to assist merging about 50 accounts this weekend so having to mess about with zip files is a pain when I could automate the whole thing otherwise.

50 is doable, but I've to do the same with about 300 accounts in July so in the meantime I'll have a play with the OneNote API you mentioned. :-)



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As a final follow up on this one:

Yep any “modern authentication only” restores will say 1 item restored, restore completed with warnings:

Nothing ends up restored as part of this.

This is the same whether you use restore document or copy document, if you use save document however, you can either save as a .zip or as a <FileName>.onepkg to manually re-open and import.

Hopefully we’ll see this issue resolved in either a v7a or v8 release.

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hi guys, i have same problem. 

My organization has around 600 users all in M365. Lot of Sharepoints sites etc. 

I have installed a latest v7 and enabled modern auth of course.

Also i have one backup job for teams+sharepoin, one backup job for onedrive, etc. 


Now we testing restore teams and we have big issues with onenote, planner and applicaitions like this. For first i restore whole sharepoint site after i restore teams. But no post here, the planner app and onenote app not working, its interesting, that i open the restored onenote in sharepoint its working, but directly from teams not working. Few years ago was the Veeam M365 very great tool, but now is getting down, but i know the limitations from the MS site :)