CHALLENGE launched!!!

  • 9 February 2024

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CHALLENGE launched!!! Would be great to have a more diverse Community where we can learn from different experiences??? Each Community member to bring a woman to join our WA-IT group and any other group of the Community, being for her a mentor and a tourist guide 😉 to show around the many benefits of being a member here. This will shape a more inclusive and diverse Community and create new opportunities to cooperation and dialogue. See the group here  >>


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Just shared this internally at my company. Also I think that I am correct in saying they don’t have to be Veeam wizards to join? I had one person say that they thought these Hub groups were only for super hacker/developer/admin folks but I judging by the description that is not the case. 

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Challeng accepted! 😀👏🏻

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Will accept the challenge.  👍🏼