Can't restore VM

After a power failure a VM on vSphere 8 couldn’t be started. But that’s no problem as we have backups…

As I tried to restore the VM the following errors occured:


10.04.2024 07:59:45 Error    Restore job failed Error: Invoke failed. Agent: 'e247ee60-7820-47f4-b1b1-ad507aed6146', Command: 'DataTransfer.RestoreText', parameters: {(EStringArray) Links[]=[veeamfs:0:ebc7d8da-8aa5-4be0-b937-8a278d664dc7 (67)/summary.xml@nfs41://](EBoolean) Option.Remote=false; }


As I have no idea what’s up I kindly ask you to point me in the right direction…





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Do you have try with another restore point ?

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Hi @Tenere -

Need way more info of what you’re trying to do:

  • What restore method are you using? Entire VM? Instant Recovery? Agent? Other?
  • What version of VBR are you using?
  • Can you share a screenshot of the restore and where the error is showing?
  • What do your logs say? C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup\<job-name>\<restore-log>


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As Shane said we need more details but also did you try another restore point.  Since the error references the VBK file maybe another will work.  But we need many more details.

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Im also kind of interested in the error on vSphere, it normally doesnt happen that a vm fails to start after a powerfailure.

For the Veeam part, you only gave us the error itself, to diagnose this we need more info on your steps or some more snippets of the logfiles that are generated.

You can also log a supportcase (even if you are using a community edition but then the SLA is best effort)