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Blog of the Month October + November 2023

  • 27 November 2023

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The last week of November is here! As promised, we're gearing up for an exciting blog showdown to crown the top post of the month, set to shine on our homepage in early December.

In this special edition, we're combining the best blogs from both October and November. With October taking a back seat due to the Veeam 100 Summit and other thrilling events, we want to make sure every outstanding blog gets its shot at the spotlight.

This month, we've curated a collection of eight top-notch blogs. Make your voice heard by voting for the absolute best before December 3rd.

Wishing all our participants the best of luck! 😊


@MicoolPaul , @JMeixner , @damien commenge , @vAdmin , @marcofabbri , @JMousqueton , @HunterLAFR , @Andanet 

Please feel free to share it on your social media platforms and encourage your network to vote for you!




Please help us determine the best by voting on your favorite one by Sunday, December 3rd.


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@damien commenge I voted for your topic, definitely a great piece!! 👏🏻

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Congrats to all those whose post was chosen! So many great ones to choose from….🤔

All the best!

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So many great blogs to choose from yet again.  Congratulations to all those nominated.  Casted my vote.

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Placed my vote! Best of luck everyone.

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Nice posts to chose only one.

Best luck to all nominated!