Best Practices Backup VMs with Disks on different Storages

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we are running VMs on vSAN (VxRail). Backup with hot add mode works fine. Anything is ok.

We are planning now, to offload big disks (>3 TB) to an iSCSI Storage device. z.B. PowerStore. So the VMs are running a mixed disk placement. System Disk stays on vSAN. Data Disk will be on iSCSI Storage. 

iSCSI Storage is attached to the same TOR Switch as the Veeam Rep Server. VMs are not stretched in the vSAN Cluster. 

Whats the best way to backup? What is your recommandation? 


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Your best bet is to still leverage hot-add in this scenario, check out: Transport Modes - Veeam Backup Guide for vSphere

The alternative is if you want to simplify your backup process and your network speed supports it you could leverage network mode. Realistically you’ll want at least 10GbE networking to get good performance out of this.

As vSAN isn’t supported with Direct Storage Access this isn’t an option for you.

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Full agree with @MicoolPaul ! Stay with hot-add! Using network mode, ESXi limits the speed dramatically:

But new with v11: multiple NBD streams:


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Perfect, than we are fine with our strategie. Thank you very much!