Backup & Replication v11 – What’s In It For Service Providers

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v11 was officially Launched and GA’ed last week meaning customers could get their hands on the next flagship release of Veeam Backup & Replication. Since then we have already had about 15,000 downloads! This is why we offer our Cloud and Service Provider Partners an RTM build two weeks in advance of GA… So What’s in it for Service Providers?… a lot! 


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Thank you for the share, Anthony. 

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There are many great things here. One of my favourites is definitely being able to evacuate a single tenant from a SOBR extent. I have had a love hate relationship with SOBRs. When an extent fills up you would enter a world of pain :) including the fun partial fast clone experience. This new feature is the tool that was needed to help steer the ship so to speak. The only thing better would have been a SOBR re-balance feature of some kind but I am not complaining. 

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On top of the SOBR evacuation the vCloud Director replication and HTML5 plugin will help our clients to allow self-serve options.