backup pc less time?

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hello, I want to back up 8 PCs via gigabit to a QNAP arm with two gigabit cables in team. I have to do it in the shortest possible time 1.30h ideally.

how can i schedule backups , configure proxy, ecc...?

Backup volume with veeam community backup.

PC Windows 10, volume 100gb .

Proxy PC Windows 11 , 1 nic gigabit.


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Hello @EnricoSx ,
welcome to the community.

First of all, are the 8 systems physical or virtual systems? With physical PCs you don’t need a proxy...

Are all 8 systems Windows 10 with 100GB each?

Do you want to backup the whole system or parts of the filesystem?


Two thought before you give the additional information:

I am afraid that the initial backup will take more time to backup than 1:30h. All following incremental backups depend on your change rate, but from my experience the 1:30h will be no problem for 8 systems with 800GB diskspace together.

Connect the QNAP NAS as a iSCSI target to your Backup Server. This is much more reliable than a SMB share.

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I would not use the proxy, but I don't understand how to bypass it. PCs are physical. the first backup doesn't bother me. i want to save all block volumes. I don't have a backup server, but a physical PC and qnap.

PCs have around 100gb total used in the ssd drive

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OK, for the physical Windows PC you need the Veeam Agent for Windows.

You can either install the agent on each PC or you can push the agent from the Veeam Backup and Replication Server to the PCs. I would recommend the second option.


Please see the helpcenter for the procedure

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I have already installed the agent on the domain PCs via Veeam Backup and Replication, but I didn't understand how to avoid the proxy and send the backups directly to the destination, keeping the possibility to manage them via the VB&R console, thanks.

another doubt, is it better to run multiple backups at the same time or one at a time?


i try disable alla proxy but i receive a message:

You are about to disable the last active backup proxy.
NAS backup and agent/based backup from storage snapshot will not able to function.
disable anyway?

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Mhh, let's see…

You don't need to disable the proxys on you VBR server.

Did you install the agent on your PCs or did you follow the procedure from the link I have posted before?

If you have installed the agent on the PCs, please follow this procedure:

You can have one job per system only with the free version of the agent.


You have a 1GB network connection only, so you should schedule your backup to different times. But this depends on the amount of  data that has to be backed up.

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If I understand it right, you have configured the backups centrally via VBR and pointed them to a Veeam repository? And now your problem is, that your backups don’t get written directly to the repository, but rather via the VBR server?

This is by design, if you select a Veeam repository. Depending on the repository type, the traffic will go via a certain Veeam role and not directly. Cou could configure your backup jobs in “managed by agent” mode and select a shared folder as the backup destination. That way your agents will independently execute their backups and target a SMB shared. Reporting will still be able via the VBR console.

Just keep in mind that you should regularly test your backups and configure the health check, because SMB isn’t that reliable.

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i already chose agent mode and smb sharing. but it is mandatory to choose automatic or fixed proxy. 

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Could you please post a screenshot of the setting you're referring to? (Without sensitive information)

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Yes, a screenshot would be helpful. 😎👍🏼