Applications for the vExpert 2023 program

  • 30 September 2022

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Applications for the 2023 program will open soon, the submission period is December. If you are member of vExpert 2022, vExpert program released a cool function that is now available for you to use. We have connected your vExpert profile, application and directory with your VMware Advocacy data. Both (vExpert & Advocacy) need be the same for the data to show in your account. Below screenshot of the directory as well as the application data.

If you aren’t using VMware Advocacy or not sure what it is, I suggest you watch the webinar with Noell Grier. Watch here:




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Liking the changes and already updated my application.

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Great update! I love how the Staats now appear on ones public profile! 

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Nice! And thanks for the reminder for the application periode 😁