Agent for Windows recovery boot loop

I've been using Veeam Agent for Windows for a bit, and have successfully used backups to restore individual files. I wanted to upgrade my NVME system drive to a larger one, so I figured I would try using the restore.
I made sure my Windows 10 was up to date, updated Veeam to the latest version, created a new recovery ISO, and created a fresh backup. I then swapped in the new NVME and booted from a recovery USB. I stepped through the wizard, selected system volumes only (there is a data SSD I don’t need to restore); I did not use the Manual restore.
After it copied everything to the new drive I rebooted, and then was stuck in a boot loop which ultimately ended in a recovery environment. Looking through the manual, there is a note about driver injection, so I tried again and disabled driver injection, still stuck in a loop. I put the original NVME back in and started looking for answers - any insight appreciated.


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