[guide] How to deploy Quantum DXi V5000 Community Edition Deduplication Free + Veeam

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Hello everyone

I share with the community the installation and configure of Quantum's DXi V5000 Community Edition excellent deduplication appliance.

Reduce Backup Costs with Efficient and immutability Data Reduction DXi inline, variable-length deduplication and compression minimizes overall storage footprint and reduces WAN traffic when replicating and tiering to other locations. Achieve data reduction rates up to 70:1.*


General Info DXi





Infrastructure background

vcsa.vpsphere.local  VMware vCenter Server - Build number: 18778458

Phischal Esxi x 4 - Vmware Cluster: VMware ESXi 6.5.0 - Build number 18678235
vbr12 ESXi 6.5 and later (VM version 13) - Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or later (64-bit)

DXi-V5000-01 ESXi 6.5 and later (VM version 13) - CentOS 7 (64-bit)


DXi Installation Type

  • What We’re Doing here

DXi Installation



Planning Your Storage Strategy


  • Prepare ISO Installation & Vmware VM


  • vDisk Thin Provisioning mode for Lab scope.


  • Iso boot:


  • PowerOn VM and boot from ISO


After installation VM Auto powerOFF


  •  PowerOn VM , enter in console:
  • Default User & password:






  • Set up new password:

Strong Random Password Generator (passwordsgenerator.net)





  • Configure Static IP Address


  •  Time Setting

Recommended setup externa NTP server.



  • Logon in the appliance console after configuration rebbot


  • Check DXi Web console from network



  • Setup NFS share for Veeam

Wizard setup: For lab scope & security use Workgroup

  • Exemple Setup Domain Join


  • Created a user custom to access at the share NFS:




  • Enable VDMS need more 16/24 GB RAM

Quantum DXi V5000 integration with Veeam - Veeam Data Mover service is not enabled | Veeam Community Resource Hub

  • User to Backup Repository VBR side:

User: Veeam

Passeod: D7SBN)=RMCG$[3*dy#PV"'

  • Note: The reboot takes up to 20 minutes to complete.


  • Check VDSM Is running
  • Configure Security access SSH

User: cliadmin

Pwd: gmPS7XeaH%u#6q's!F+2DZ

  • Veeam Configuration
  • “Go to managed Servers”
  • Go to Veeam Infrastructure

Create the corresponding copy job on the new target backup deduplication repository.



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This has been for far too long on my list to play around with.  Great post!

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I was need this. Thank u for this write

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… your piece is absolutely awesome! Thank you so much for sharing it. Bookmarked and will be tested as well.

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Great write up @Link State . I think there was a Community member inquiring about this device a day or 2 ago. 

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Excellent write-up Link State.  I have used this appliance before in testing and it does work well.  Might need to give it another try.