Veeam CLI command to globally enable encrytion

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I’ve been searching and trying different commands to set the flag to “enable backup file encryption” within the VBR “Configuration Backup Settings”.

While I can see how to create the password with the API with the Add-VRBEncryptionKey shown below, I don’t see a command to set the flag above.

 Any help would be greatly appreciated...


Best answer by Chris.Arceneaux 16 August 2021, 22:06

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The Set-VBRConfigurationBackupJob is what you’re looking for. More specifically, the EnableEncryption parameter.

Here’s a list of all PowerShell cmdlets working with the VBR Configuration Backup:

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That was it!  Thank you for the very quick response.

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Powershell it’s a great swiss-kife, one of the last good things made by Microsoft...