VB365-JobManager - Script to create and maintain SPO & Teams jobs

  • 19 December 2022

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Guys, I've created a script to automatically create SPO and Teams jobs. Main features include

  • Create jobs for all currently unprotected SPO sites and teams
  • Build jobs based on a object-limit per job (incl. recurse option to cope with SP subsites)
  • Distribute jobs over different repositories automatically (which includes proxy balancing of course)
  • Add matching teams to the same job as the SP site as per BP
  • Automatic scheduling with delays per job (configurable)
  • All built on the VB365 API - so no M365 application or so required
  • Include & excludes possible
  • Can put objects in a job pointing to a repository which already contains backups of this object

The script is available on VeeamHub: powershell/VB365-JobManager at master · VeeamHub/powershell (github.com)


I already have two larger customers using versions of this script and am looking for more feedback of course.


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Hi Stefan. Does you script take care of the multi-tenancy issues?


Cheers, Rob.

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Great script. Thanks for sharing. 👍