Powershell for getting members of Physical Infrastructure

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I have a pretty simple request that I just can’t seem to identify the correct command for.

I’m just looking to be able to query what job a system is a member of. It’s very easy to do for any virtual systems, but harder for physical. Connecting and getting the job are easy. And the $Job.BackupObject property contains the Physical Infrastructure object I’m interested in, but not the actual members of the Physical Infrastructure box.

The script:

The Physical Infrastructure Object:

The contents I’m really trying to get:



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Thanks for any help in advance!

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This is what I use :

function Get-VeeamProtectionGroupComputers
Write-Host "$(Get-Date -Format HH:mm:ss) - Protections Groups Computers view"
$ProtectionGroupsReq = Get-VBRProtectionGroup
foreach ($ProtectionGroup in $ProtectionGroupsReq)
$computers = Get-VBRDiscoveredComputer -ProtectionGroup $ProtectionGroup
foreach ($computer in $computers)
$CBTDriverVersion = $computer.DriverVersion
Name = $
Computer = $
AgentVersion = $computer.AgentVersion
IP = $computer.IPAddress.IPAddressToString
AgentStatus = $computer.AgentStatus
Driver = $computer.DriverStatus
CBTVersion = if($null -ne $CBTDriverVersion) {$CBTDriverVersion} else {"<N/A>"}
LastConnected = $computer.LastConnected
Write-host "$(Get-Date -Format HH:mm:ss) --------------------"