Why to select Veeam over IBM ?

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What are the positives of choosing Veeam over IBM for Backup and Recovery.


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Hi Saif,

I haven’t used IBM so I cant give any comparasion however Veeam “just works”. :wink:

I have used many other backup products but I find Veeam to be much more approchable for help/support and also they have many resources available to assist with infrastructure design.

Forums and Community are very active plus all of the webinars, recordings and VeeamON I find very useful.

Thanks mate


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Thanks Shane for your input much appreciate it mate :grinning:

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I have created this Topic

please give your opinion/expertise, thanks.

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When you talk about IBM do you mean TSM or how they call it today?  If so, then Veeam offers a much lower complexity (everyone can use it), is more flexible and has better backup/restore features. There are many differences so if you look for something special then just post it here. Or just download the free community edition and try it yourself; you won't regret it 😉

And here's a more detailed post in general about Veeam:


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Hi Regnor, Yes IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

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Hi Regnor, Yes IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

I’d like to add some more:

  1. The great community support and events for Veeam is second to none.
  2. Price wise, it is relatively more economical and simpler licensing compare to the bigger software competitors.
  3. Automation with scripting (PowerShell).