Introduction - A Call to Action for All Members

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Hello Veeamers, my name is Christian Eromosele, a System Administrator, and I live in Germany. I'm very much excited to be here as a community leader.

As a community, we all have a shared interest in topic/cause, and I believe that we can accomplish great things by working together, and engaging more actively.

I encourage everyone of us to introduce ourselves and share a little bit about themselves. It's important that we get to know ourselves so that we can better collaborate, organise events and even support one another.

In addition, I'd like to suggest that we all actively participate in this group by sharing our ideas, insights, and experiences. Whether it's by asking questions, sharing resources, or engaging in discussions, we all have something valuable to contribute. By doing so, we can move this group forward and make a positive impact.

Thank you all for being here, and I look forward to more active participation from every one of you! 


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@Iams3le  - Thank you for opening up the forum here. 100% in agreement with you, Senior Solutions Architect at First Technology Western Cape (South-Africa) championing the Data Protection space. Been rather quiet for most part as it requires quite the dedication from a time perspective to create/interact and be involved with topics/blogs/posts etc. I have decided to dedicate more time towards the space in the hope to make it a bigger and better place for the entire community including our customers and general public that benefits from the platform in the short/long run. 

I am also sure currently undertaking a mass V12 upgrade in a lot of different environments for our customers we are experiencing possibly different issues/concerns/blockers etc which I believe would be good discussion points, amongst the cloud/containerization capability that are being rather quickly adopted by customers. 

That is a short introduction from myself just for now - Will be back in a minute as we progress and grow out the group. Also think it’s a great idea for an in person event soon however we can run that past the powers at be to see how we can make this possible. @Tiaan.Schurink and Myself will be involved with the arrangements surrounding this even in the coming months specifically within the JHB region.

Keep well all VEEAMERS! Chat soon!

Keep the introductions coming please guys. I would love to get to know everyone better.




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Thank you @Riaanv! This is so amazing to hear. An in-person event will be amazing. But before we get to that level, I think we should organise a virtual event. I will tag @Madi.Cristil and @safiya to help us out here with the initial planning and organisation. 

Hello to @Tiaan.Schurink as well. Can't wait to have everyone so active here! Have a great rest of your day/weekend guys!