Enable Snapshot-Only Jobs for Secondary Storage Array for Pure Storage FlashArray with This Post-Job Script

  • 24 February 2021
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VBR integration for storage systems supports several useful features that optimize backup performance. Unfortunately for those systems built on the Universal Storage API (USAPI) some of those features are not yet available. One specific feature that is missing is the ability to orchestrate array-based snapshots on a secondary storage array.

I’ve written a PowerShell script to be used as a post-job VBR script along with snapshot-only jobs for Pure Storage FlashArray which will replicate Veeam created array snapshots to a secondary FlashArray. It will also ensure that those snapshots are visible in the VBR console and available for recovery tasks including Instant VM recovery, Guest Files recovery, and Application Item Recovery.


Download Invoke-PfaSendSnapAfterVBRJob.ps1 from GitHub. Detailed setup instructions.


This script has been designed to work both with VBR v10 VeeamPSSnapIn as well as the brand new VBR v11 PowerShell Toolkit.



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Very interesting, nice script.

Thank you @jdw