We're launching Veeam Legends: A NEW community program!

  • 20 October 2020
We're launching Veeam Legends: A NEW community program!
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At Veeam, community has always been an important part of our culture and development. As we want to foster even deeper engagement that rewards our customers and partners for the role you’ve played in our success, we are excited to announce the launch of the NEW Community Program, Veeam Legends

Veeam Legends are Veeam users and data protection industry experts who are passionate about technology, innovation and eager to further develop their career, while sharing their experiences with the community. As avid Veeam users, they participate in various community projects, drive local Veeam User Groups and can also influence development of Veeam products and solutions. Apart from that, Veeam Legends are always eager to help their peers and get connected with other community members.

Become a Veeam Legend and get exclusive access to:

  • NFR licenses, private betas and prelaunch briefings
  • Veeam R&D insights
  • Veeam Legends swag
  • An invite to the private Veeam Legends group
  • And more!

Be an active participant, hit the leaderboard and become a Veeam Legend by proving your abilities as an industry expert! 


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Which badges are available to earn currently?

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Hey @haslund!

We have badges for contribution in Blogs, Podcasts, Script library, Veeam User Groups and more. Watch your profile, as I think there will be some soon! :wink:  Keep it up! :raised_hands_tone3::man_dancing_tone3:

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I wish to get there.

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I wish I will be soon ………