Veeam Community Recap #91

Veeam Community Recap #91

Veeam Community Recap #91
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In this week’s recap, @Rick Vanover and @Madi.Cristil are back recapping this week’s activity. Surprisingly, Rick is at home and unsurprisingly, Madi has prepared everything. Cool stuff shared this week and some great special department news. See this week’s episode here:

The Links

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Special Department News

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Veeam at Microsoft Ignite -» COOL SWAG

Microsoft Ignite 2022 - Register for a Free T-shirt from Veeam

Who’s New

We are happy to welcome +56 new members to the Veeam Community. The coolest usernames are: @Backup Team  @veeamrestore @BigBlueStu  @coldcircle @newbieguy @KatzKingdom @Terabyte33 

Welcome everyone else: 

@Toby @Jose @Backup Team @AdamLipiec @BrianNgcobo17 @thanh.nguyenhuu @Petr Simek CS SE 
@BenW @JasonBerry @blicq @cclick @RParsons @DejanPerikic @ACIT @JimmyUK @Tabuton @Efe.O 
@krailerkm @Ahmed Shakran @PatrickRodrix @veeamrestore @KenChen @SunnyWang @jalal.attar 
@RichD424 @BigBlueStu @Scheming59641 @aubreygalen @burtiraven160 @Li_Tr_co @seb2020 
@Mike Vann @samet.ince @haliluzrek @renatofbiagi @benfrompure @Luther.Ward @lejav @nortonway 
@tec2dategmbh @JanPrucha @Rajasekhar M @ptobler @KatzKingdom @coldcircle @TiagoPena 
@Vinayak @Joy @NCMC Team @HerveJ @TMenefee @newbieguy @gelu.bostanica @rachelgomez 
@Terabyte33 @gabethematthews 


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Wow, that is a great opportunity. Thanks to Veeam for supporting the Veeam100 with VMCE courses.

Congratulations to all mentioned and welcome to the new users. 😎

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Bit late to the recap but great as always @Madi.Cristil @Rick Vanover 

Welcome to the new members and that is really awesome with the VMCE courses. Abolutely brilliant!

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Great RECAP  @Rick Vanover and @Madi.Cristil

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Great RECAP  @Rick Vanover and @Madi.Cristil

Thank you, @ashanpro !😊

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Congrats to all the new members joined !