Veeam Community Recap #90

  • 22 September 2022
Veeam Community Recap #90
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In this week’s episode @Madi.Cristil and @Rick Vanover recap the activity - and they broke the rule. Such a good, disciplined run, but all good things come to an end. Dialing in from California with a makeshift hotel room standing desk (AKA @Geoff Burke style minus the fan), Rick and Madi share this week’s highlights. Watch the video here:

The Links

Via @MicoolPaul 

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Via @MicoolPaul 

Special Department News

Via @mkevenaar VUG Netherlands End of Year Meetup

Who’s New

A big welcome to the +71 new members!

Coolest usernames this week: @IronMikie @Grinny @ITInfrastructure @TomTom @sulphite.developer @Edstock and @darkhat Additionally a big welcome to all the new users:

@gabethematthews @Kmac55 @Grinny @josephgengler @logival @DosDroit @CED Comune di Giussano 
@TimoK @VNR-LF @Tony Cross @OBouchard @ajayparekh @sumitkumar @Pankaj @danevald @apatrick87 @Kochkin @fwiese @Iani Ianev @Tinux @dinge @WU-ADMIN @mandoerik @AHL @JohnnyB 
@Cristian C Murro @BobF @JHawkins @TomTom @emiliozb @jbrenneis @Kevin.Taylor @Yaswanth.S 
@Aung Ye Kyaw @changadeo @shivabasu @Caelopez @mooijr @Marc_DVIT @bsluka @master4914v 
@Patricio @kmiller @LanceRea @Edstock @Morgana @Fmirey @Maxden @ITInfrastructure @b-bell 
@Kamson @anto.perfetti @darkhat @Andi256 @Swapnil.madiwale @szaman @nmistler @chmata 
@MNoufel @AESC @Rob Pattyn @JaRo @patricd @hkreso @ditris @sulphite.developer @AddyCSC 
@fuad @lvangent @dineshperera @IronMikie 



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Wow recap before Friday.  Congrats to all those mentioned and welcome to our new members this week.

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Early Friday for us with the recap being published early 🥳

Welcome to all the new members, and thanks for the (double) mentions @Rick Vanover & @Madi.Cristil 🥳🥳


Have a great weekend all and congrats to those mentioned!

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Haha Happy Friday not yet Friday 🤪

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@Rick Vanover Welcome to the Standing side of the force!!! :) 

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Congrats to all those mentioned and welcome to new members this week. Thanks to @Rick Vanover and @Madi.Cristil 😁

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Great recap and congrats to the mentioned people and the new members!

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Great recap and congrats to all the new members 

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Nice RECAP! Thank you @Rick Vanover and @Madi.Cristil for your efforts/time as always. Congratulations to everyone mentioned.

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Welcome new members!