Veeam Community Recap #107

Veeam Community Recap #107

Veeam Community Recap #107
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El Rickatron and @Madi.Cristil are back this week with the recap and not breaking the rules! We have 3 tip-top topics as we get ready for V12 to launch. Watch this week’s recap here:

The Links

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Special Department News

Final call! V12 Launch Event registration is still open! Veeam Backup & Replication v12 launch event

We have an upcoming special community event with @HangTen416 @Chris.Childerhose and one Veeam’s rockstar SE’s Vinh Pham: 

Following up on last week’s special department mention, the recording is up from @Geoff Burke and @michaelcade with the special episode: Kubernetes Korner: A reflection on 2022 and a look into the future.

Fun stuff next week :)

V12 Launch is next week and we’ll be back with the Who’s New as we’ve passed 15,000 members!


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Really great recap!  Love the mention for our upcoming VUG next week.  Congrats to all those mentioned and any new members.  😎

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What a great recap was that 🤣! Thx @Madi.Cristil and @Rick Vanover for bringing those awesome topics! Congrats to the guys being mentioned.

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Another great recap! Thanks!