When will Veeam show as much love to Hyper-V as VMware with NetApp?

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For many years I have used Veeam in conjunction with NetApp storage to deliver an extraordinary backup experience for my customers running VMware.  It allows me to do snap based backups and kick off replication.  Then I can take the traditional streaming backup from the secondary storage to another device.

The rub is that Hyper-V is NOT seeing the same amount of integration now or ever… With so many folks looking at Azure; it seems like this would be a no brainer.  This would allow for customers to experience a seamless hybrid cloud experience orchestrated at the backup layer without VM stun… Maybe v11 has fixed this… Please someone chime in!!!


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Hopefully never! :joy:  In all seriousness, HV is just not as mature a virtualization product. Veeam certainly tries to make it as feature-rich as it does with VMware. I think the MS HV tech prevents the same features tho.


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Hyper v is not a product build for many third party integrations. I would never use Hyper V for a Hosted Environment with different customers. I see HyperV for small environments.

But this is only how I see it.