What does " Warning: Task was not processed in the current session " mean?

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What does " Warning: Task was not processed in the current session " mean? 

I receive the warning after it tries to run a backup copy job.  Any advice on what this means, why this happened, or how to solve the issue?

I get the same message after running a new sync after about 10 minutes. Job will finish with warnings, with no successes.



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Please see this thread on the community that someone else asked about this same message - What does "Warning: some restore points were not processed" mean?

Also when posting questions it helps to let everyone know the version of Veeam you are using and if you can check the log directory to post snippets that helps too - C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup -- job folder under here has logs.

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Are you able to post a screenshot from the task pane?

Do you have a schedule setup for the Backup Copy Job?

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In most cases simply one or more jobs included in the backup copy job are/were not executed since the last runtime of the copy backup job.

If it is a copy job to tape this message will persist until the theoretically retention period of the missing restore point is over. Veeam is aware of this and will hopefully fix it in the next versions.