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since this is not really a Veeam question I will not post it on the forums, so I’ll post it here ;-). We are using backup from storage snapshot on our NetApp running Ontap 9.12.1 and Veeam 11. Every time Veeam is taking a backup, lots of errors show up in the Netapp eventlog. Errors like this:

tsse.scan.start.failed: 'Cold Data Scan' failed to start on 'VeeamAUX_iscsi_netapp_02_Rescan_68vTfMjeYHNw4M9BNF0NKb' - Scan was stopped.

and other numerous errors regarding SIS. It appears that Ontap is starting a SIS operation to duplicate the volume that is mounted from the snapshot by Veeam. However, Ontap can never complete this scan since Veeam dismounts this volume once the backup has finished. This is filling up the eventlog of the Netapp quite substantially and we risk missing critical events due to this clutter.

Does anyone know of a way to have Ontap not start a SIS scan when Veeam mounts a snapshot as a temporary volume?


p.s. sorry for the typo in the subject. Unfortunately, the discussion board doesn’t allow to edit the subject, only the body of the message.






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Haven't seen this so far and also couldn't find any similar issues. Maybe it's worth opening a support case and let Veeam check if this is expected.

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Hmm i never saw this errors regarding sis when i take a backup, I. often use backup from storage snapshots with ontap. But in the most cases we use nfs and there you dont need a clone. From the Volume name i see you use iscsi. Is it a all Flash system or a fas?

Im not sure is veeam is doing something wrong there, I assume its an ontap issue. How ~long does a normal backup take?



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Morning, would I be right in guessing your have inactive data reporting enabled?

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It looks like NetApp has a KBs on this error message. It could be tied to NetApp Fabricpool scanning error😀.

This article is for 9.8. -'Cold_Data_Scan'_failed_to_start

This one is for 9.10.1. -



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Thx pybarra, we have a recent case seems the AUX is created by Veeam, and ONTAP 9.12.1 P2 volume default vol creation are TSSE enabled.