VBR 11 install failed

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Sorry for the repost but my last post doesn’t appear to exist anymore.

Trying to install V11 onto a server 2012 R2 but just getting a red cross

JMeixnerSQL set up ends with “Process returned exit code: 0x84B30002” Do you have a SQL server installation on this machine already?

There are some SQL installed but I believe this is from the first time I attempted to install VBR as they have the same install date and below is all the apps installed on the first date



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Then I would try as a first step to de-install the old software components.

Your server fulfills all prerequisites for VBR server?

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Hi, this is likely that the default SQL Server name has already been taken, as this shows only the SQL section of your installed programs, is it ONLY Veeam that is installed (or attempted to be installed) on this server? if there’s another application that has already installed with the default instance name, this will fail. It’s resolvable by deploying a named instance of SQL Server instead and telling Veeam to use that.

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Thank you for the input :) I am trying another install and if this fails again I think I will attempt another server

Fingers crossed

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are these new servers? or is Veeam co-existing with another application that’s already installed?


I wrote a guide for installing SQL Server 2019 (not supported on Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 so please don’t try this version, use nothing newer than 2017 for 2012/r2), but it is basically the same process for installing older SQL editions too. This could help you deploying a named instance if you have a genuine other application using the default named instance


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Sorry, new in the sense of not installed Veeam on there but these are all older servers.

I am looking at that now, while I don't think there are any proper instances of SQL I feel something has gone screwy and if I can setup my own instance and tell the installer to use that then hopefully that will work.

really appreciate the help :)

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Happy to help, yep if they’re older servers that have had other applications on in the past, as in not brand new Windows VMs with nothing installed other than the OS, it’s quite likely you’re finding old SQL Server instances & related gremlins!

Best of luck!