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If the answer is obvious and I don’t see it: sorry for my question!

In a large customer setup, SureBackup is managed by script (cusomized: So VMs are dynamically added by a Application Group. For a long time, we put just one VM into the group. SureBackup jobs failed when this VM failed - most often because of timeout. Now we increased to two VMs per run. Now I see job is skipping second VM when first VM fails.


My question: Is this a designed behavior with Application Groups? Did not find the answer in the helpcenter.



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Hi @vNote42 Yes it is; as soon as a test fails the whole application groups stops.

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Hi @vNote42 Yes it is; as soon as a test fails the whole application groups stops.

Thanks for the fast response! Do you maybe have a link to documentation?

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Whilst the wording could be clearer it is implied here. Though I believe this should be expanded on to clarify this! As a Linked Job has a dependency on the application group it makes sense that if a test fails for an application group VM your job would fail.

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Reading the documentation it's really not so clear … I've found some topics in the forum about this:

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Thanks all for the insight. For sure AG is one of the fragile components of Veeam.