how to configure actul IBM tape library on veeam backup server

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Actually, the IBM tape library is physically connected to Veeam backup server in our environment, but when i configure tape library through Veeam server console, what i enter the server details means IP or hostname.

because Veeam backup server and tape library IP is different, so what should be enter for tape library configuration.

i did the backup server IP then drive is not reflected in Veeam console, but i checked computer management the tape drive is available on device manager.


what is the issue, please suggest.


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What model is it? if it’s a larger one you might have to create a Virtual Tape Library and assign it to the Veeam server, then assign tapes and drives to the VTL.


  1. Ensure your Veeam Backup Server is spot-on with the latest updates.
  2. Connect the IBM tape library physically to the Veeam Backup Server.
  3. Install the necessary IBM tape library drivers on the server.
  4. Open Veeam Backup & Replication Console.
  5. Navigate to "Tape Infrastructure" in the console.
  6. Click "Add Tape Server" to include your server.
  7. Select the server and click "Next" to proceed.
  8. Choose the IBM tape like spot library from the detected devices.
  9. Click "Next" and follow the on-screen instructions.
  10. Verify the tape library is correctly recognized.
  11. Configure the tape jobs and media pools as needed.
  12. Ensure all settings are saved and perform a test backup to confirm a configuration.
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Hello @Keshav Sawant ,

please follow this procedure on this site and the subsequent sites:


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Hi @Keshav Sawant -

You need to connect a tape server to the Veeam Backup Server. Please read more about how to connect Tape Libraries to the Veeam Server in the Veeam User Guide: