CDP and Replica Snapshot alerts at DR site question.

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What do you guys do in your VMware environments for VMs using CDP or replicas? Once I have a bunch of snapshots at the DR site vCenter likes to give nice little red alerts. Other monitoring systems tend to remind you that there are too many snapshots too.


I found the easiest way is to disable that alert at the DR site, but I have to be manually monitoring my environment to make sure an unwanted snapshot doesn’t get left behind somewhere.




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Have not seen this with CDP nor replicas.  Interesting to know if there is a fix.

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I don’t receive these alerts for snapshot or CDP replica’s.  I understand these are vCenter alerts?  Wondering if the thresholds for alerting have changed and can be tweaked?  I’m wondering if perhaps also you’re keeping a lot more snapshots than I am.  I generally only keep about 3-5 days of snaps depending on how often we take them.  My thought process is that snaps don’t have to be kept for a long time - that’s what backup retention is for while replica’s are more for a fast DR recovery, so I generally won’t need to go very far back past the most recent replica unless it’s something more like a malware infection, etc.