What You Didn’t Know (or forgot) About Veeam Replication

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Great resume buddy!

a lot of good stuff and recommendations together!

I use réplicas quite often, and they have saved my bacon lots of times!


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Great summary and very helpful reminders!


One question I have. I don’t know if this is something from an exam study session or just reading but, is it best practice to place the target proxies as close to destination as possible literally placing one proxy per host in the target cluster with affinity rules so that they stick to the host? Or is it really just to make sure it is close to the datastore? I am figuring the datastore but that one proxy per host notion is sitting in my head from somewhere :) 


As a side node it you are using DirectNFS remember that for the initial replication it will use directnfs but for incrementals will failback to nbd since DirectNFS won’t work if there are snapshots present at the target and snapshots are what Veeam use for retention. Don’t use hotadd with NFS datastores, the VM stuns are very bad.




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@Seitjan that's true. Thanks for sharing.