[What (else) is new in v12 - XIV] SureBackup – Disable Windows Firewall

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When it comes to SureBackup, at least a ping test is desirable. In some situations no network connection can be established to the VM under test because of the internal Windows Firewall. Now it is possible to have SureBackup disable this to reduce these kind of false positives.

For more information to this feature read the documentation:


See the list of all new features in v12: 




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Nice feature! 
Always a struggle to have a ping success, especially with Linux OS 😄

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I found this feature while exploring v12. This is great cause as mentioned we all hate when the test fails due to ping or heartbeat tests.  Nice to see when can have it auto disable now. 👍

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Oh lord that is a godsend!  Now I should hunt down if I still need to setup routing when running SureReplica jobs to remote sites on a different subnet...

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A small enhancement but really great to avoid that issue !!!

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Yes, a small setting but makes a big difference :-)
Thank you Veeam team and @vNote42 for sharing.

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Great work @vNote42 

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@vNote42 Thanks for sharing. This can be very helpful..

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Very common issue for people new to Veeam labs / surebackup. 


I had my share of issues with the adapter coming up on a different subnet myself. 


This will 100% be a handy feature. 


Maybe I’m missing something but when I run the Surebackup job, it tries to disable the Windows firewall even before the VM’s booted up.. 

Good thing that this value can be retrieved through powershell. I was able to add it to the AsBuiltReport.Veeam.VBR report.

Thanks for sharing!