[What (else) is new in v12 - IX] TAPE - GUI and PowerShell enhancements

  • 12 January 2023
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Show current job for each drive

It is just a small improvement but very helpful in daily tape operations. In VBR v12 console you will see the tape job that is currently using a drive.

PowerShell news

We get some new PowerShell cmdlets with v12 (beta):

  • Find-VBRTapeCatalogItem
  • Find-VBRTapeCatalogItemVersion
  • Find-VBRTapeCatalogueHost
  • Get-VBRTapeBackupSession
  • Get-VBRTapeCatalogueDirectory
  • Get-VBRTapeCatalogueFile
  • Get-VBRTapeMediumForSession
  • Start-VBRTapeFileRestore

Unfortunately I did not manage to get much data out of these new cmdlets. Will have to wait for availability of command reference guide. Something I still miss, is the ability to get the content of tapes with PowerShell. 

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Yeah, this was nice to see for sure when testing RC0 as my Chapter 4 is on tape servers and Linux now being able to be a tape server role.  😎